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Place here images of Paralympic mascots.

If you create a subcategory such as "Category:Mascots of the 2010 Winter Paralympics", it is suggested that you add a sorting key that sorts the category first by Paralympic Games, followed by whether it is a Summer Olympics or Winter Olympics, followed by the year of the games, like this: "[[Category:Mascots of the 2010 Winter Paralympics|Winter 2010]]".

Place here images of people wearing costumes of mascots of the Paralympic Games. According to Wikimedia Commons policy, photographs of people wearing costumes of copyrighted characters do not breach the copyright in the characters: see "Commons:Derivative works#Isn't every product copyrighted by someone? What about cars? Or kitchen chairs? My computer case?".

Do not upload images of the characters themselves, for example, as they appear on billboards, posters, the sides of vehicles, or merchandise (including dolls), unless you have obtained and sent to OTRS the individual Paralympics Games Organising Committee's written consent to release artistic depictions of the characters into the public domain or license them under a free licence. The Committee owns the copyrights in such artistic depictions, and unauthorized images of them breach the copyrights in the characters.


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