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Deutsch: Sie werden gegen Schmuggler, Terroristen, illegale Einwanderer u.s.w. eingesetzt. Sogenannte off shore patrol vessels haben auch eine relativ große Seeausdauer und verfügen zum Teil über Helikopterlandeplätze. Solche Boote werden auch zur Aufklärung im Krieg benutzt, da sie kleiner und flexibler als große Militärschiffe sind.
English: A patrol boat is a smaller naval vessel generally designed for operations close to shore or in rivers, characterized by shallow draft and higher speed. They may be operated by a nation's navy, coast guard, or even police force and may be intended for marine (blue water) and/or estuarine or river (brown water) environments. They have been used in fleet actions in WWII as will the next generation Litoral combat vessels conducting very high priority missions. Historically though, patrol boats have more commonly been employed for coastal protection- various border protection roles, including anti-smuggling, anti-piracy, fisheries patrols, and immigration law enforcement.
Italiano: La vedetta è una unità di piccole dimensioni progettata per svolgere compiti di difesa costiera. Queste navi possono venire utilizzate sia dalle Marine militari, dalla Guardia costiera o dalle forze di polizia. Vengono impiegate sia in mare che nelle acque interne.
日本語: 巡視船とは、沿岸警備のための船艇のこと。国によって、海軍、沿岸警備隊、警察などによって運用される。水上警備(密輸や密入国、海賊行為の取り締まり)、水難救助などを主な任務とする。


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