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APG IV Classification: DomainEukaryota • (unranked)Archaeplastida • RegnumPlantae • Cladusangiosperms • Claduseudicots • Claduscore eudicots • Cladussuperasterids • Cladusasterids • Claduseuasterids I • OrdoGentianales • FamiliaRubiaceae • SubfamiliaRubioideae • TribusKnoxieae • Genus: Pentas Benth. (1844)
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Included species (for Kew Gardens 'World Checklist' & The Plant List):
P. angustifolia, P. arvensis, P. caffensis, P. cleistostoma, P. glabrescens, P. herbacea, P. lanceolata, P. micrantha, P. nervosa, P. pauciflora, P. pubiflora, P. purpurea, P. purseglovei, P. suswaensis, P. tibestica, P. zanzibarica
Included species (for Tropicos):
P. ainsworthii, P. angustifolia, P. arvensis, P. austroorientalis, P. bussei, P. caffensis, P. camea, P. carnea, P. cleistostoma, P. coccinea, P. coerulea, P. concinna, P. confertifolia, P. decaryana, P. decora, P. dewevrei, P. elata, P. elatior, P. fililoba, P. flammea, P. geophila, P. glabrescens, P. globifera, P. graniticola, P. herbacea, P. hindsioides, P. hirtiflora, P. homblei, P. involucrata, P. ionolaena, P. klotzschii, P. lanceolata, P. ledermannii, P. leucaster, P. liebrechtsiana, P. lilicanus, P. lindenioides, P. longiflora, P. longituba, P. magnifica, P. mechowiana, P. micrantha, P. modesta, P. mombassana, P. mussaendoides, P. nervosa, P. nobilis, P. occidentalis, P. oncostipula, P. parviflora, P. parvifolia, P. pauciflora, P. pseudomagnifica, P. pubiflora, P. purpurea, P. purseglovei, P. quadrangularis, P. quartiniana, P. schimperi, P. schumanniana, P. schweinfurthii, P. speciosa, P. stolzii, P. suswaensis, P. tenuis, P. thomsonii, P. thonningii, P. tibestica, P. transvaalensis, P. triangularis, P. ulugurica, P. verruculosa, P. volubilis, P. warburgiana, P. woodii, P. wyliei, P. xanthorrhoea, P. zanzibarica
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