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English: Perm-36 (also known as ITK-6) was a Soviet forced labor camp located near the village of Kuchino, by the Chusowoja river, 30 km from Chusovoy, Perm region, Russia. It was part of the large prison camp system run by the Soviet Union (now Russia) in the Stalin era known as the Gulag. Built in 1946 and closed December 1987, the camp was preserved as a museum in 1994 by the private Russian human rights organization Memorial and since 1995 has been open to the public as The Museum of the History of Political Repression Perm-36 (known popularly as the Gulag Museum) operated by the private non-commercial organization Memorial Center of Political Repression "Perm-36" It is the only remaining example of a Gulag labor camp, the others having been demolished by the Soviet government at the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

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