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DomainEukaryota • RegnumAnimalia • SubregnumEumetazoa • CladusBilateria • SuperphylumProtostomia • PhylumMollusca • ClassisBivalvia • SubclassisPteriomorphia • OrdoMytiloida • FamiliaMytilidae • SubfamiliaMytilinae • Genus: Perna (bivalve) Philipsson, 1788
 Vernacular names
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Included species (for BioLib & NCBI):
P. canaliculus, P. indica, P. perna, P. picta, P. viridis
Included species (for Catalogue of Life):
P. canalicula, P. perna, P. viridis
Included species (for ITIS):
P. perna
Included species (for TPDB):
P. heberti, P. kerguelensis, P. latoconvexa, P. magellanica, P. meleagrinoides, P. perna


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