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(ar) مخطط الطور · (bs) Fazni dijagram · (cs) Fázový diagram · (de) Phasendiagramm · (el) Διάγραμμα φάσεων · (eo) Fazodiagramo · (es) Diagrama de fase · (fa) مودار فازی · (fi) Faasidiagrammi · (fr) Diagramme de phase · (hr) Fazni dijagram · (it) Diagramma di fase · (ja) 相図 · (lv) Fāzu stāvokļa diagramma · (ms) Gambar rajah fasa · (nl) Fasediagram · (nn) Fasediagram · (pl) Wykres fazowy · (ru) Фазовая диаграмма · (sk) Fázový diagram · (sl) Fazni diagram · (sr) Фазни дијаграм · (sv) Fasdiagram · (tr) Faz diyagramı · (uk) Фазова діаграма · +/−

A phase diagram in physical chemistry, mineralogy, and materials science is a type of graph used to show the equilibrium conditions between the thermodynamically-distinct phases. In mathematics and physics, a phase diagram also has an alternative meaning, as a synonym for a phase space.


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