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English: Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters is one of the oldest existing roller coaster manufacturing companies in the world. Based in Hatfield, it was established in 1904 by Henry B. Auchy and Chester Albright, making amusement devices, including carousels, wooden roller coasters, and their trains. The company's carousels were preferred among discriminating clients, for their elaborate carvings and elegant decorations. Among their lead carvers were Daniel Carl Muller, Leo Zoller, John Zalar and, most importantly, Frank Caretta. Fine examples of the company's carousels (manufactured 1904–1934) exist throughout the United States. A few of the rides the Philadelphia Toboggan Company built include the Rollo Coaster at Idlewild Park in 1938, and the carousel for the same amusement park in 1931. The company also manufactured Skee Ball machines for many years. In 1926, PTC was granted a trademark on a new name, Philtobco, created in an apparent attempt to add pizzaz to a long, honorable, name.


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