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Philippe d'Orléans, Duke of Orléans, "Grandson of France" (Philippe Charles; 2 August 1674 – 2 December 1723) was a member of the royal family of France and served as "Regent of the Kingdom" from 1715 to 1723. Born at his father's palace at Saint-Cloud, he was known from birth under the title of Duke of Chartres. His father was Louis XIV's younger brother Philippe of France, Duke of Orléans, known as Monsieur; his mother was Elisabeth Charlotte of the Palatinate.

<nowiki>Felipe II de Orleans; Fülöp orléans-i herceg; Filippus 2. hertogi af Orléans; Filipe II.a, Orléansko Dukea; Филипп II Орлеанский; Philippe II. d’Orléans, duc d’Orléans; Philippe, Duke of Orleans, Regent of France; Филип II Орлеански; 腓力二世; Philippe d'Orléans; Filip al II-lea, Duce de Orléans; 腓力二世; فيليب التانى دوق اورليان; Філіпп II Орлеанський; 腓力二世; 腓力二世; 오를레앙 공 필리프 2세; フィリップ2世; Filipo de Orléans; Filip II. Orleánský; Filip II, vojvoda Orléansa; Filippo II di Borbone-Orléans; 腓力二世; Philippe d'Orléans; فیلیپ دوم، دوک اورلئان; Filip II. Orleanski; Philippe, dug Orléans, brenin Ffrainc; Filipe II, Duque d'Orleães; Filips van Orléans; Felip III d'Orleans; Filip II av Orléans; Филип II Орлеански; Philippe II, Công tước xứ Orléans; Filipe II, Duque d'Orleães; Филип II Орлеански; Φίλιππος Β΄ της Ορλεάνης; Pilypas II Orleanietis; Filip II. Orleanski; 腓力二世; Filipe II, Duque d'Orleães; Philippe; ฟิลิปป์ที่ 2 ดยุคแห่งออร์เลอองส์; Filip II Burbon-Orleański; Filip II av Orléans; 腓力二世; Filip II Orleanski; ფილიპ II ორლეანელი; פיליפ השני, דוכס אורליאן; Filip II; Philippe, Duke of Orléans, Regent of France; فيليب الثاني دوق أورليان; Philippe d'Orléans; Filip II av Orléans; politico e generale francese; orléans-i herceg; coleicionista d'arte francés (1674–1723); герцог Орлеанский; Regent von Frankreich (1715–1723); Onkel Ludwigs XV. von Frankreich; 法國王室成員,1715年至1723年王國攝政王; Prancūzijos regentas ir Orleano hercogas; جامع تحف من فرنسا; ילד ממוצא מיוחס; Regent van Frankrijk in de periode 1715 -1723; Регент на Франция, 1715–1723; regente del reino de Francia durante la minoría de edad de Luis XV; régent du royaume de France pendant la minorité de Louis XV; member of the royal family of France, Regent of the Kingdom from 1715 to 1723; دوق أورليان، وصي العرش 1715-1723; francouzský šlechtic, regent Francie; fransk konstsamlare; Felipe de Orleáns; Felipe de Orleans; Felipe II duque de Orleans; Felipe II, duque de Orleans; Felipe II de Orleáns; el Regente; Philippe, duc d'Orléans; Philippe d'Orleans; Philippe d’Orléans; le Régent; Philippe II; Felipe II.a, Orléansko Dukea; Филип II Орлеанский; Филипп II, герцог орлеанский; Philippe II. Charles de Bourbon, duc d'Orleans; Philippe II. Charles de Bourbon, duc d'Orléans; Philipp II., Herzog von Orleans; Philippe II. Charles de Bourbon, duc d’Orléans; Philipp II., Herzog von Orléans; Felipe II, Duque de Orléans; Filipe de Orléans; Filipe de orleans; Philip II, Duque de Orleans; Filipe II de Orleães; Filipe II d'Orleães; Filipe II, Duque de Orleães; 奥尔良公爵腓力二世; Филип II, војвода Орлеански; Филип II, војвода од Орлеана; Filip al II-lea, Duce de Orleans; Filip al II-lea de Orléans; Philippe al II-lea, Duce de Orléans; Filip II. Bourbon-Orléans; Φίλιππος Β' της Ορλεάνης; Filip av Orleans; Filip II, hertugen av Orléans; Philippe II, hertugen av Orléans; Philippe II, duc d'Orléans; Felip d'Orléans; Felip d'Orleans; Filips II van Orleans; Filips II van Orléans; Filips van Orleans; Philip II, Duke of Orléans; Philippe II, Duke of Orléans; Philippe II of Orléans; Philip II, Duke of Orleans; ฟิลิปที่ 2 ดยุคแห่งออร์เลอองส์; ฟิลลิปที่ 2 ดยุคแห่งออร์เลอองส์; ฟิลลิปที่ 2 แห่งออร์เลอองส์; Filippo II d'Orléans; Fulup II Orleañs; 오를레앙 공작 필리프 2세; Philippe II, Duke of Orléans; Philippe d'Orléans; Regent of the Kingdom; Philippe II; Philippe d'Orleans; Philippe d' Orleans; Philippe von Orléans; Philippe D' Orleans; Philippe von Orleans; Philippe II, Duke of Orleans; Filipo de Orleans; Filipo de Orleano; Philippe d' Orléans; francouzský regent Filip Orleánský; Filip II Orleanski; Philippe II, vojvoda od Orléansa; Filip II, vojvoda od Orléansa</nowiki>
Philippe, Duke of Orléans, Regent of France 
member of the royal family of France, Regent of the Kingdom from 1715 to 1723
The Duke of Orléans future Regent of France by Jean Baptiste Santerre (Museo del Prado).jpg
El regent, Felip d'Orleans, per Jean-Baptiste Santerre el 1717.
Coat of arms of the Philippe d'Orléans, Duke of Orléans (nephew and son in law of Louis XIV).png
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Name in native language
  • Philippe d'Orléans
Date of birth2 August 1674
Date of death2 December 1723
Place of burial
Country of citizenship
Position held
Noble title
  • Louise Élisabeth d'Orléans
  • Louis d'Orléans, Duke of Orléans
  • Charlotte Aglaé d'Orléans
  • Louise Adélaïde d'Orléans
  • Philippine Élisabeth d'Orléans
  • Louise Diane d'Orléans
  • Jean Philippe d'Orléans
  • Marie Louise Élisabeth d'Orléans
  • Charles de Saint-Albin
  • unknown daughter d'Orléans
  • unknown daughter d'Orléans
  • Angélique de Froissy
Unmarried partner
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