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I am an amateur photographer who ist writing about beetles - and sometimes about other topics of Entomology - in Greek and German Wikipedia. So I took my photos nearly exclusively for starting or completing an article.

I took a lot of photos, some of them being really bad, especially the older ones. This page exists only, because somebody made a "credit template" for me. So I choose those of my photos, I like best, and here they are. My other contributions on Commons are on the following pages sorted by topics. Unfortunately, for historical reasons, the names of the pages do not always correspond to their content. That's why I made ​​a tree of topics, which you can find on my user-page.

I do real Macro-photos of dead material at home with Pentax K 10 and invers mounted Pentax 18-55 by stacking a series of photos with different distances.

For the open-air photos I used different RICOH, nearly every year a new one because the old broke down (Have a guess why I stick to RICOH nevertheless). Now I have a CX5. If possible (that means: if the object does not move), I use the option of: "six shots, same distance, different focus" and do stack them.

Afterwards I process the stacked photos with GIMP, sometimes also before stacking.

If you have some question, send me a message

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