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This category is used to help analyse and take action on accidental duplicate images.

Duplicates identified by Fæ for his own uploads. Duplicates are identified by using the Commons:API which uses the file checksum and so this list should be complete as of the most recent analysis [January 2013].

Duplicates may have occurred due to tool drop-outs causing additional uploads, overlooked prior uploads, duplicates in the same source Flickrstream or from later uploads by other people after the original Flickr upload. The file best removed may not be in this category, this depends on which was first, which has the most usage now and which has the better image page description and categorization.

On the first run, the rate of duplicates was analysed to be less than 1% for Fæ's uploads from Flickr, though this includes counting duplicates made by other contributors after an original upload by Fæ and any duplicates in the Flickrstream.

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