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Picturesque Europe was a series of three books published by D. Appleton & Co. between 1875 and 1879. It primarily featured the work of W.H.J. Boot, Harry Fenn, R.P. Leitch, T.L. Rowbotham, P. Skelton, and Douglas Woodward, but also included work by J. Chase, E. Compton, S. Cook, C. Emery, Birket Foster, E. George, Towneley Green, Louis Haghe, J. Harmsworth, W. Herbert, S.H. Hodson, Cyrus Johnson, W.L. Jones, G.G. Kilburne, W. Leitch, T. Macquoid, W.W. May, D. McKewan, J. Mogford, J. North, S. Read, T.D. Scott, E. Senior, W. Simpson, J.B. Smith, C.J. Staniland, E. Wagner, Carl Werner, C. Whymper, J. Williams, E.M. Wimperis, J. Wolf, and L.J. Wood.

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