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Parthenon Image 03.jpg Nelson Column, Montreal 2005-10-21.JPG col•umn (1) tall pillar usually round and made of stone, either supporting part of the roof of a building or standing alone as a monument: The temple is supported by massive columns. (2) thing shaped like a column: a column of smoke = smoke rising straight up; a column of mercury (in the thermometer). (3) […] [1]
Hampi11.JPG pil•lar (1a) upright column of stone, wood, metal etc used as a support or an ornament, a monument, etc. (1b) thing in the shape of this: a pillar of cloud, fire, smoke, etc. (2) ~ of sth strong supporter of sth: a pillar of the Church, the establishment, the faith. (3) […] [1] A pillar's base section can be all shapes – except circular.
Interieur schip - Maastricht - 20357623 - RCE.jpg 20141130 Pier.jpg pier […] (2) one of the pillars supporting an arch or a span of a bridge. (3) wall between two windows or other openings. […] (1a) structure of wood, iron, etc built out into the sea, a lake, etc so that boats can stop and take on or put down passengers or goods, →piers (coastal structure) […] [1]
Pier 98 old & new piles jeh.jpg pile (1) heavy column of wood, metal or concrete placed upright in the ground or the sea-bed as a foundation for a building, support for bridge, etc. (2) number of things lying one upon another. […] [1]
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Deutsch: Pfeiler, v.a. Brückenpfeiler, Bogenpfeiler oder Wandpfeiler. Siehe auch pillar, was man genauso mit „Pfeiler“ übersetzt, aber damit eher „nichtrunde Säulen“ meint.
English: A pier is an upright support for a structure or superstructure, such as an arch or bridge. They can be made of any material and have any shape; pillar's base section can have all shapes, except circular.
  • The simplest cross section of the pier is square or rectangular, although other shapes like cruciform (cross-shaped) or composite shapes are also common. In medieval architecture massive circular supports called drum piers instead of columns. Sections of wall between openings can function as piers.
Français : Pilier
<nowiki>pilar; pillér; pilar; Pfeiler; piler; слуп; Стубац; 橋墩; pille; Pilă (construcții); 橋脚; Pilier; עמודי; Pilastro; 교각; pilastro; pilíř; AIDS AFFECTION; pilastro; ভারবাহী স্তম্ভ; pilier; слуп; pier; Stubac; pegão; Pfeiler; pelare; Štolps; Piliorius; Slop; Pilari; Pilar; столб; Стубац; filar; pilar; stupac; Pier; pijler; pier; Piilar; Piar; دعامة; Piler; Стовп; elemento architettonico; 橋梁の足に該当する下部構造の一つ; élément structurel vertical; fristående och vertikalt stöd; pionowa, wolnostojąca podpora architektoniczna; архітектурний елемент; element arquitectònic; tragendes architektonisches Bauelement, meist von Brücken oder Bögen und nicht rund; architectural upright support for a structure or superstructure; архітэктурны элемент; elemento arquitectónico; 结构或建筑的直立支撑; architectural upright support for a structure or superstructure; pila; bernia; piliers; pile; piloon; Pijler (bouwkunde); апора; Pilă (arhitectură); Pilă (construcţii); Слуп; stubac; столп; gatepier; Mauerwerkspfeiler; Freipfeiler; Eckpfeiler; Wandpfeiler; Brückenpfeiler; Bogenpfeiler; Kimppupilari; pillar; square column; Esteo; pilastri; bropille</nowiki>
architectural upright support for a structure or superstructure
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