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These are locator maps for places in Singapore.

There are different types of regions:

  1. X Planning Area locator map - these are URA planning areas
  2. X planning subzone locator map - these are subzones within the planning area
  3. X New Town locator map - HDB new towns
  4. X locator maps - region associated with the location name

Some of these are equivalent. For example "Mei Chin planning subzone" could also be just "Mei Chin"; in this case, we only need to duplicate the image and rename it. As some places may not have clearly defined boundary, mistakes do exist in these maps. Feel free to modify them or send a note to the creator.

I had tried to list the boundaries of the regions, but it was getting too time-consuming. Please send me a note if you need the boundary information.

If you cannot find a locator map you need for a Singapore-related wikipedia article, just send me a map request. I can provide locator maps for schools and other major landmarks as well. — Vsion.


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