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  • Englishpickerel weeds
  • Deutsch: Hechtkräuter
  • русский: Понтедерия
  • svenska: Pontederiasläktet
  • 中文: 梭鱼草属
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APG IV Classification: DomainEukaryota • (unranked)Archaeplastida • RegnumPlantae • Cladusangiosperms • Cladusmonocots • Claduscommelinids • OrdoCommelinales • FamiliaPontederiaceae • Genus: Pontederia L. (1753)
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Included species (for GRIN & ITIS):
P. cordata, P. rotundifolia
Included species (for Kew Gardens 'World Checklist' & The Plant List):
P. cordata, P. parviflora, P. rotundifolia, P. sagittata, P. subovata, P. triflora
Included species (for Tropicos):
P. angustifolia, P. aquatica, P. azurea, P. belophylla, P. brasiliensis, P. cordata, P. cordifolia, P. crassicaulis, P. crassipes, P. dilatata, P. dubia, P. elongata, P. eriantha, P. falciloba, P. hastata, P. heterantherimorpha, P. lagoensis, P. lanceolata, P. lancifolia, P. limosa, P. linearis, P. loureiroana, P. maculata, P. martiusiana, P. mucronata, P. natans, P. nymphaeifolia, P. oblonga, P. obtusifolia, P. ovalis, P. ovata, P. paniculata, P. paradoxa, P. parviflora, P. pauciflora, P. plantaginea, P. reniformis, P. rheedei, P. rotundifolia, P. sagittata, P. schomburgkiana, P. stricta, P. subovata, P. triflora, P. tumida, P. vaginalis
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