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Works of art were the most pleasant gift for Sigismund III. It was customary in those days that the friendly courts presented family portraits to each other. When Władysław IV widowed, received from Emperor Ferdinand III 16 portraits of Habsburg princesses, while the French court sent 9 portraits of their princesses. The King had also a portrait of King Christian IV of Denmark, a memento of a brief alliance between Denmark and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. In 1650 the Queen Marie Louise commissioned through her secretary Pierre Des Noyers, sent to Paris, a large painting depicting the herself and her two husbands. The concept for painting, to be executed by Justus van Egmont, was elaborated by abbot Michel de Marolles - Queen as Yuno between two Jupiters, Celestial as Ladislaus Vasa and Earthly as John Casimir Vasa (Une Junon représentée assise entre deux Jupiters, l'un céleste, et l'autre terrestre).
Polish Vasas
Sigismund III Vasa
   Anna of Austria
   Constance of Austria
Anna Vasa
Anna Maria Vasa
Władysław IV Vasa
   Cecilia Renata of Austria
   Marie Louise Gonzaga
John II Casimir Vasa
John Albert Vasa
Charles Ferdinand Vasa
Alexander Charles Vasa
Anna Catherine Constance Vasa
Sigismund Casimir Vasa
Maria Anna Teresa Vasa


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