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English: Postal stationery is government-issued stationery, such as a stamped envelope or postal stationery envelope (PSE), letter sheet, postal card, lettercard, aérogramme or wrapper, with an amount of postage preprinted on it.

The first postal stationery of the USSR was created in 1923, a postal card. Envelopes were produced from 1927. According to Michel about 21,000 different types of postal stationery have been produced in the USSR from 1953/4 to 1991/2. Categorization is possible however by shared main characteristics, upon which postal stationery catalogues base their numbering and valuation.

Envelopes and postal cards:

  • State Emblem: 10 different main types can be distinguished
  • Inscription: 10 different languages can be found
  • Imprinted stamp: parallel to stamp issue, many different colours but a few main types
  • Paper: colour and type
  • Printing type: letterpress or offset
  • Printer information: stationery was printed by one of the 4 different printing companies in the USSR
  1. Moscow 'МПФГ' or 'МПФГ Гознака' or Mock. йеч. ф-ка Гознака' - MPF Goznak
  2. Moscow 'МTГ' or 'М.Т. Гознака'
  3. Perm 'ППФГ' or 'Пермской ф-кa Гознака'
  4. Ryazhsk 'Ряжской ф-кa Гознака'
  • Detailed printer information: eg. printing license number and/or -date
  • Preprinted ZIP code area: introduced in 1971, 6 different designs can be distinguished

Envelopes only:

  • Watermark of cover: 8 types or absent
  • Inside pattern: 12 types or absent

Airmail envelopes only:

  • Border: 5 types
  • AVIA: location on cover
Русский: Це́льная вещь — принятое в филателии название, объединяющее различные объекты филателистического коллекционирования: почтовые конверты и карточки, листы почтовой бумаги, всевозможные формуляры и бланки, другие виды почтовой документации, на которых напечатаны знаки почтовой оплаты или тексты, их заменяющие.


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