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Deutsch: Altes Zollhaus, Maubara, Ostttimor
English: Former customs house, Maubara, East Timor
Português: Posto de Alfândega, Maubara, Timor-Leste
English: Copyright statement: The law of copyright in East Timor is believed to be, transitionally, the same as the law in Indonesia at the time of East Timorese independence in May 2002. According to Article 13 of the Indonesian Law No. 6 of April 12, 1982 (which was the Indonesian copyright law in force in May 2002), there was no offense against any publicity and reproduction of something publicized by or on behalf of the Government. As the former customs house is a government facility, it is believed to follow that it is not a breach of East Timorese copyright law to publish a photograph of the building.

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