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Histoire de Guillaume III, roi d'Angleterre ... Prince d'Orange ... contenant les actions les plus mémorables de sa vie, et ce qui s'est passé de plus remarquable depuis sa naissance jusque'à sa mort / avec plus de 80 figures. 1703. Publisher/printer: A Amsterdam, chez Pierre Mortier (Mortier, Pieter (I) Amsterdam, 1685-1711). In three parts. Note: Because of the many images of coins this work is usually referred to as Histoire métallique du Guillaume III.

Table of photograph, tome, figure and page numbers[edit]

MG Photo
Description MG Photo
Description MG Photo
Description MG Photo
0047 - Title page. William III on a rearing horse 0067 - f11 Two noblemen hold hands, one takes oath on a square 0087 t2 f30 Neptune with trident transports a lady overseas in his two-horse chariot 25. 0107 t2 f46 Scales with sword and crown, a horseman over a cornucopia with coins, ladies 23.
0048 - "Histoire du Roy Guillaume", tomb with William III lying down, weeping figures 0068 t2 f12 Dutch maiden, troops, fleet 0088 - f31 Lamenting lady with cow 0108 - f47 Church dome with soldiers on the roof, nuns with a torch near a pyre, holy water vessel
0049 - f5 Triumphal arch, round enclosure, stork symbol The Hague 0069 - f13 0089 t2 f32 Cavalry charge near a church, canons 46. 0109 t2 f48 Ladies around a naked boy holding a snake 24.
0050 - f30 Triumphal arch, square, stork symbol The Hague 0070 t2 f14 Royal speaks on dais, justice 7. 0090 - f33 Hero with mace, ladies, Minotaur 0110 - f49 Triumphal procession, "W", fire
0051 - f45 Triumphal building with entrance arches and a court, square with coach 0071 t2 f15 8. 0091 t2 f34 A castle, an explosion, a battle of horsemen and centaurs 27. 0111
0052 - Fireworks around symbol "W" on a pond 0072 - f16 Army 0092 t2 f36 Naval battle with fire and smoke 18. 0112
0053 t2 p 73 Cavalry and infantry battle near a village with church 0073 Missing Photo 0093 t2 f37 Naval battle in classical Greece 29 0113
0054 t2 p 7? Naval battle 0074 - f17 0094 - f38 Fight at dinner, classics 0114
0055 t2 f3 p 84 Cavalry crossing a river, battle, explosions, town, Battle of the Boyne 0075 t2 f18 Hero, dais, horsemen, mountain, fleet 0095 t2 f39 Chariot in the sky, fleet, soldier with torch 20. 0115 - f55 Royal couple
0056 t2 - "Triomphe du Roy", Royal with wig wielding cross and scepter, putti with laurel wreath, dragon, lion 0076 - f19 A cavalry battle near the sea, a fleet 0096 - f40 Ladies 0116 - f55 Portrait and celebration of Queen Mary, symbols "W" and "M", cornucopia
0057 - f1 0077 t2 f20 Horsemen in hot pursuit, a battle, billowing smoke 10. 0097 Missing Photo 0117 t2 f56 Queen Mary, "M"-poles 28.
0058 t2 f2 0078 0098 Missing Photo 0118 t2 f57 Cavalry crossing water, buildings within a palissade? 22.?
0059 - f3 0079 0099 Missing Photo 0119 - f59 "Tua nos refrigerat umbra", mythological scene with a queen on a dais with her following?
0060 t2 f4 Storks, Atlas, emblemata 2. 0080 - f23 Battle, smoke 0100 = 0096 - f40 Ladies 0120 t2 f60 Group, cow, angel, crown offered by lady 29.
0061 t2 f5 0081 t2 f24 Infantry battle near water, profile of a town 12.? 0101 0121 t3 Portrait of King William III of England (1650-1702)
0062 - f6 0082 - f25 Commemorative pillar with people on a square 0102 Missing Photo 0122 t3 p 299 Portrait of Mary II of England (1662-1694)
0063 t2 f7 0083 t2 f26 Commemorative pillar with people on a square 13. 0103 0123 t3 p1 Map "Les XVII Provinces du Pais-Bas &c"
0064 - f8 0084 - f27 An archer with a halo near a tree, three sitting muses 0104 0124 t3 p4 Map "Liège"
0065 - f9 Infantry in battle order, water, town 0085 t2 f28 Hero with mace threatens dragon 24. 0105 t2 f44 Horseman, Seadragon, Andromeda? 22. 0125 t3 f89 Battle map "Le Combat de Steenkerke" 1692
0066 t2 f10 0086 - f29 Athena with spear and mask on a pedestal 0106 - f45 0126 t3 p 288 Siège de Naumur 1695

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Peace Palace Library
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