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The photographs in this category were batch uploaded from by Fæ in March 2013. If you see a pattern of issues such as poor categorization, naming or copyright, that might be realistically and consistently fixed by a mass automated action, please raise the issue for attention at User talk:Fæ.

Unfortunately the source website is not well categorized apart from the single sub-category chosen, and have little in the way of useful text descriptions, though plants & animals tend to have accurate Latin names in the file name, so these images are expected to require gradual improvement.

Format notes:

  1. Where the original source was marked as "Unknown" many have been shown with "Public Domain Images" in the author field, though are being migrated to use the template {{Unknown}} as a more correct way of representing the source. Refer to this DR.
  2. Some of these images have a flaw in the EXIF data, which shows "1899" as the date for the photograph.


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