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English: Pulp magazines (or pulp fiction; often referred to as "the pulps") were inexpensive fiction magazines. They were widely published from the 1920s through the 1950s.The name "pulp" comes from the cheap wood pulp paper on which such magazines were printed. Pulp covers, printed in color on higher-quality (slick) paper, were famous for their half-dressed damsels in distress, usually awaiting a rescuing hero. Cover art played a major part in the marketing of pulp magazines, and a number of the most successful cover artists became as popular as the authors featured on the interior pages. Among the most famous pulp artists were Frank R. Paul, Virgil Finlay, Edd Cartier, Margaret Brundage and Norman Saunders. Covers were important enough to sales that sometimes they would be designed first; authors would then be shown the cover art and asked to write a story to match.
pulp magazine 
magazine printed on cheap, wood-pulp paper
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pulp (es); Ponyvairodalom (hu); Pulp (eu); Pulp (ca); Pulp-Magazin (de); مجله زرد (fa); 低俗雜誌 (zh); Triviallitteratur (da); Revistă de literatură de consum (ro); パルプ・マガジン (ja); kiosklitteratur (sv); Revistă de literatură de consum (mo); ספרות זולה (he); Pulp雜誌 (zh-hant); Paplo revuo (io); 펄프 매거진 (ko); pulpa magazino (eo); rodokaps (cs); காகிதக்கூழ் புனைவு (ta); pulp magazine (it); pulp (fr); pulp (pt); Bulvarinis žurnalas (lt); kioskikirjallisuus (fi); Pulp magazine (pl); Triviallitteratur (nb); pulp (nl); Пълп-списания (bg); Pulp-журналы (ru); pulp magazine (en); Majalah pulpa (ms); Pulps (gl); مجلة اللب (ar); Pulp杂志 (zh-hans); Pulp-журнал (uk) género de revista (es); Zeitschriften mit Kurzgeschichten (USA) (de); magazine à bas coût (fr); magazine printed on cheap, wood-pulp paper (en); magazine printed on cheap, wood-pulp paper (en); Журналы, напечатанные на дешевой бумаге из древесной пульпы (ru); סוגה (he); literatuur (nl) Revistas pulp, revista Pulp, pulp magazine (es); パルプコミック, パルプ雑誌, パルプ誌, パルプマガジン (ja); Pulps magazines, Pulp Magazine, Pulp Magazines (fr); pulp-lehti, pulp, pulp-kirjallisuus (fi); Romány do kapsy (cs); Pulps, Revista Pulp (pt); Underholdningsroman, Fascinasjonslitteratur, Underholdningsromaner, Kiosklitteratur, Underholdningsbøker, Underholdningslitteratur, Populærlitteratur, Kioskromaner (nb); triviaallectuur (nl); 低階雜誌, 通俗小說 (zh-hant); Riviste pulp, Rivista pulp (it); Pulps, Pulp Magazin (de); 펄프잡지, 펄프매거진, 펄프 잡지 (ko); pulps, pulp, rough paper magazine, Pulp magazine, the pulps (en); Pulp-журнал (ru); 通俗小说, 低級雜誌 (zh-hans); 大眾雜誌, 低俗恐怖故事, 通俗雜誌, 庸俗小說 (zh)


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