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English: The Queen Arwa—Arwa al-Sulayhi Mosque — 11th-century Shia mosque in Jibla, Yemen.
  • 'Queen' Arwa al-Sulayhi (c. 1048–1138; death: 22nd Shabaan, 532 AH), was the long-reigning ruler of Ancient Yemen.
  • She is also known as the "Little Queen of Sheba," al-Sayyidä al-Ḥurrä ('the Noble Lady'), and al-Malikä al-Hurra ('the Noble Queen').
  • Arwa was given the highest rank in the Yemen da'wa, that of hujja, by Imām Al-Mustansir bi'l-Lāh in 1084. This was the first time that a woman had ever been given such a status in the entire history of Islam.
العربية: أروى بنت أحمد

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