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English: This illuminated copy of the Qur'an, Walters manuscript W.743 was written in Naskh script in Istanbul (al-Qustantiniyah) in 1269 AH/AD 1853 by Muhammad Salih ibn 'Umar, a pupil of Amin al-Bahjat (Behcet). According to the colophon (fol. 257b), the manuscript was finished in Ramadan 1269 AH/AD 1853. The scribe states that he was born in Kumuljunah (Gümülcine, Komotini in northeastern Greece) and resided in the Madrasat Mulazimlar, in the vicinity of Hammam Sulaymaniyah in al-Qustantiniyah. The manuscript opens with a double-page illuminated frontispiece of Surat al-fatihah and the beginning of Surat al-baqarah. There are two finispieces: a colophon (misbound at fol. 257b) and a final prayer (fol. 305a). Other illuminated elements include chapter headings and verse markers in the form of illuminated disks and rosettes.