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Rachel Eshet, born in 1954, is an autodidact, has worked since 2004 with acrylic paint. Her works have a distinct signature of expression, using a unique technique - "sewing" together elements in an indelible image of color, pattern and light. Rachel’s artwork is an otherworldly voyage into the unknown that plunges the depth of the subconscious and the heights of her inspirational thoughts, indulging her whimsical free spirit into her exclusive realm of experience and existence. “I begin with wide and expressive spatula strokes. I choose the colors according to the emotional state. The strokes form different shapes which stimulate my imagination and lead me to the next stage of my work, drawing exact tiny and detailed elements. In creating a piece, an idea or story will evolve naturally throughout the process and at the very end the clarity of it is exposed, then I realize what the piece is all about”. e-mail: r_eshet(a)

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