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English: Rauz ( Zhuang: ) is an ethnic cluster covering Zhuang, Buyei, TayNùng, and other northern Tai language-speaking peoples. These peoples are inclined to call themselves as Rauz which means "we" or "our people".
中文: 僚人,簡稱作,古称烏滸,是中国古代民族之一。现在壮族布依族岱依族侬族热依族的语言属于北部或中部台语支,语言基本能互通,与古獠人有关,并称为僚人。《魏书》云:“獠,古代百濮之一支”。“獠者,盖南蛮别种,自汉中达于之间,所在皆有散居山谷。”「僚」這個稱呼最早见于西晋时期,张华博物志》载:“荆州极西南界至诸民,日子”,称以汉朝牂牁郡为中心活动的濮人为僚。


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