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reformARTmusic is the upper-category to any "reformART" music projects whose creator, organizer and eversince central person is Austrian musician Fritz Novotny. This Free Jazz ensemble was created in late 1965 and was&is "free" to highest extent, even including band's names - in varying line-ups:

  • Danube Art Group (mid-1960ies)
  • Reform Unit (mid-1960ies)
  • Reform ART Unit or reformARTunit
  • Reform ART Trio (as well as Reform ART Duo, ...Octet)
  • Three Motions (1975)
  • euro free music orchestra (1976)
  • reform art orchestra (~2009)
  • Nature Music Ensemble (1970)
  • TASTEN (1984)
  • Wide Fields (1982, 1985
  • Styrian Improvising Ensemble (1986)
  • improvising orchestra (1987)
  • Acting Four (1988)
  • Acting Seven (1988)
  • world music orchestra (1990)
  • reformARTmusic ist the caption under which new pieces and re-editions appear since late 2012.

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