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English: Categories tagged with {{Move}}, but missing its date parameter. Please add the date parameter to make sure these will eventually be processed.
Note: Due to a long-standing bug, the categorization by request date (as well as every categorization depending on variables) is not updated automatically. Make a pretended edit (open+save without any change) of every affected page for the update.

The categories (or other pages) listed here were tagged with {{Move}}. It has been proposed that these categories be renamed or merged and files and galleries in them moved to the new category. This category can contain also other pages as galleries, templates, help pages etc. This category should not contain media — images and other media to be renamed should be tagged with {{Rename}} instead. Generally these should be moved after two weeks but the action is sometimes many months late — see subcategories sorted by request date to see for how long they have been tagged.


Deciding factors should be common sense for quick decisions and at least some support in case of more sensitive renames. You can take several actions:

  1. Explain why you would support or oppose the rename request or bring an alternative proposal at the talk page
  2. Remove a request if it is clearly nonsense (but do not do so only due to your personal disapproval)
  3. Correct or modify (improve) the rename request
  4. Pass typos or noncontroversial or consensus-decided renames directly to User:CommonsDelinker/commands
  5. Pass the request to User:CommonsDelinker/commands (COM:DL) after two weeks if clear consensus or no objections are at the discussion page
  6. Remove the template {{Move}} if a clear or far prevalent consensus of more users at the discussion page is to refuse the proposal
  7. If no consensus was achieved in the discussion or a systemic discussion is needed, use Commons:Categories for discussion and replace {{Move}} with {{subst:cfd}}.

The old category page should be redirected (using {{Category redirect}}) to the new name or deleted if nonsense.

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