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Roelant Savery (es); Roelant Savery (hu); Саверей, Рулант (ru); Roelandt Savery (pl); Roelandt Savery (de); Roelant Savery (pt); Roelant Savery (sq); Roelant Savery (cs); Рулант Саверей (uk); Roelant Savery (da); Roelant Savery (sl); ルーラント・サーフェリー (ja); Roelant Savery (pt-br); Roelant Savery (nb); Roelandt Savery (sk); Roelant Savery (nn); רולאן סייוורי (he); Roelant Savery (nl); Roelant Savery (lt); Roelandt Savery (it); Roelandt Savery (fr); 룰란트 사베리 (ko); Roelant Savery (en); Roelant Savery (sv); Ρούλαντ Σάβεραϊ (el); Roelandt Savery (ca) pittore fiammingo (it); peintre flamand (fr); niderlandzki malarz, rysownik i rytownik pochodzenia flamandzkiego (pl); Vlaams kunstschilder (nl); pintor barroco flamenc (ca); flämischer Maler und Radierer (de); pintor barroco flamengo (pt); Flemish painter (1576-1639) (en); نقاش هلندی (fa); Φλαμανδός ζωγράφος (el); pintor barroco flamenco (es) Roelant Savery (it); Roelant Savery (fr); Roelant Jacobsz Savery (sv); Roelandt Savery, Roelant Saverij, Roeland Savery, Roeland Maertensz. Savery (nl); Рулант Саверей (ru); Roelant Savery (de); Roelandt Savery, Rowland Savery, Roland Savory, Roelandt Savrij, Roelandt Jacobsz. Saverij, Roelandt Zavereij, Roelandt Savrije, Roland Savery, Roelandt Saverij, Roland Savary, Roelandt Savory, Roelandt Jacobsz. Savery, Lawrance Savori, Roelandt Zavary, Roeland Savrij, Roelant Saverijn, Roelandt Savry, Roeland Savory, Roelandt Safrij, Roelandt Severijn, Roelant Saverij, Roeland Savery, Rowland Savori, Roelandt Savary, Roelandt Zavery, Roelandt Savereije, Roeland Savarij, Roeland Saverij, Roelandt Savaij, Rowland Savory, Roelant Saffrijn, Roeland Maertensz. Savery, R. Sawery, R. Saffrij, Roland Ravery, Zavereij, R. Saverie, rolland savery, R. Savary, Saveri Roland, Ruelandt, R. Savari, Roelant Xavry, Roeland Savereij, R. Savoury, rolaendt savery, Exavery, Peintre d'Hollande Savary, Raland Sabary, Roelant Saveraij, Roland Savry, Savray, Ro. Savary, Roeland Xavery, Savery Roeland, Roland Savarie, Roeland Sævery, Rolland Savory, R. Saveri, Savrij, Savaij, Savary, Rolan Savary, Xavory, Rolant Savary, Savory, R. Sovory, Roelant Jacobsz. Savery, Xavery, Roulant Savary, Sauveri, R. Savery, Savorée, Xaveri, Safari, Rul. Savery, Roelaut Savery, Saverij, Saverin, R. Savarij, Rol. Savary, Roland Saverie, Roelandt Savorij, Roel. Savery, Roelant Savry, Roland Javery, Rol. Savari, Roland Saverij, Xavary, Roeland Zavry, Roeland Savri, Roeland Savry, R. Savreij, Savari, Roelant Severijns, Roland and Savory, Rouland Sauveri, Rol. Savery, R. Xavary, Xaverij, Savry, Rolando Savary, Saveraeij, Roeland Saveri, Roelandt Xavery, Roelant Xavery, Roel Savery, R. Xaverij, R. Xavery, Roelant Saverj, Roelandt Savrj, Ruland Saueri, R. Savry, Rolan Savery, roland savery, Roelant Severijnss, Safrij, Roeland Savary, Rolant Savery, R. Saveree, Roelant Savree, Rolandt Slavery, Peintre Hollandois Savary, Severay, Roelant Savrij, Roland Xavery, Savereije, Roland Savert, R. Savory, Roland Saveri, Savri, Rolland Savary, Saverije, Severijn, Roelant-Savery, Savrije, R Savory, Ruland Savery, Zavery, Roland Savari, Saveree, R. Savorey, Saveri, Roelend Xavery, Roelant Savere, Savere, Savery, R. Xaveri, Zavary, Roll Savary (en); Ρολάν ντε Σαβερύ (el); Roelandt Savery (cs)
Roelant Savery 
Flemish painter (1576-1639)
Joannes Meyssens, Adam Willaerts (after) - Portrait of Roelant Savery.jpg
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Name in native languageRoelant Savery
Date of birth1576 (statement with Gregorian date earlier than 1584)
Date of death1639, 25 February 1639
Country of citizenship
Notable work
  • Elijah fed by the ravens
  • Landscape with ruins, cattle and deer
  • The poet crowned by two apes at the feast of the animals
Authority control
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