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English: The SJ Class Rm is a electric locomotive operated by Statens Järnvägar and later Green Cargo. The six locomotives are variants of the Rc locomotive and built by ASEA in 1977. The difference is smaller wheels giving higher pulling force, but lower maximum speed. They were used in triple-unit configuration on Malmbanan as supplements to Dm3-units, but later moved to other parts of the Swedish rail network after the transport needs on Malmbanan were reduced. When originally used to haul iron ore they were ballasted, fitted with SA3 coupelings and additional set of brakes, but all these modifications were removed when the locomotives were put in ordinary freight operation. In the 1990s they were repainted from orange to blue. When SJ was split up, they were transferred to Green Cargo. All still remain in service, stationed in Malmö.
Svenska: Rm-loket är en variant av Rc-loket som är nedväxlat till 100 km/h, och barlastat. De sex Rm-loken var avsedda för trafik på Malmbanan där de drog malmtåg kopplade tre och tre, som komplement till Dm3-loken. Följaktligen var Rm-loken vid leverans försedda med malmtågsbroms och automatkoppel av typ SA3. Malmtågen anses vara Europas tyngsta tåg även om det finns mycket tyngre tåg i andra världsdelar.

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