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SRB KSA AA History

On February 4, 2007, Brod Edmundo P. Zenarosa Batch ’86B of Zeta Epsilon Chapter created an egroup on his Friendster account name "19 SRB 75 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” on his dreamt to find SRB brothers residing in the Kingdom. On a short span of time, Brod Jhon Orong, Batch ’88 of Gamma Iota, Brod Ricky ‘Abdullah’ Purog UAEAA Interim President, Brod Arvin Pastorin, Brod Gemi Irong Batch ’78, Brod Jomer Dela Cruz based in Abu Dhabi both an active member from UAEC were the pioneered who joined the e-group and later Brod Emmanuel ‘Manny’ Pascua Batch ’76 of SRB Forever USA also appeared who happened to be an active messages blower at the e-group which also greatly influenced & reminded us the essence of SRB Cardinal Principles & its doctrines in aiming to move forward in expanding our Organization Globally. On the unfolded events, strong emphasis & word of encouragement shared to us by Brod Manny that greatly revealed & awaken our desire to the right pathway to perform our duties being an SRB with SRB’s virtue to expand services globally to its humanity & community. The strong message had captured us in our commitment to the entire Organization. Apparently, SRB KSA Alumni Association became a Plan and ambitious undertaking to achieve.

The Commencement, Brod Jhon Orong & Brod Edmund initially conceptualized the formation of Alumni Association but had taken long time to meet brods/sis existing within Saudi Arabia. Although there are some brods/sis located within KSA territory, they were incapable of meeting us and most of them are far from Eastern Region. Furthermore, most of their time were occupied with their family obligations, had their own separate lives, other commitments, jobs & etc. So the Alumni plan had failed on its first attempt but the challenge still remains a conviction to Brod Edmund who didn’t stop in conceptualizing the Plan.

On March 2008, new bright hope had shed us light in a potential visibility to re-organize the plan when Brod Cosry Amer of Kappa Phi joined the e-group. In a short span of time, "19 SRB 75 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” e-group had been an enormous community with registered members of 134 in totality and actively participating the forum, discussions & posting of announcements. Eventually, SRB related matters have been discussed once again by brod Edmund & Brod Cosry to push through in organizing SRB KSA-AA.

On July 3, 2008 the Plan became Significant, when Sis Marivic " Mhavic” Viray of Zeta Xi, SRB UAEC Grand Chancellor joined the e-group. The progress was expeditious that came to be a very crucial moment in the new bright hope for the plan which again SRB KSA-AA undertaking were discussed by brod Edmund & brod Cosry to Sis Mhavic through numerous emails. While Brod Edmund took the opportunity of acquiring the pertinent details of organizing an Alumni Association since Sis Mhavic had the detailed enthusiasm with her vast experience from UAE Council (UAEC) being the Grand Chancellor. With the great help & effort of Sis Mhavic, brod Edmund became a member of "srbmiddleeast” e-group sponsored by UAEC whereas Sis Mhavic is also one the moderators. She assisted us in every details that we need for the SRB KSA-AA undertaking. We had posted announcement in various e-groups, while she also helps us in acquiring the details of the requirements and original form from SRB National Council. In addition, SRB-UAEC supported us in advertising our Plan at TFC network channel which gave us an overwhelming responses from SRB Brothers located all over the KSA territory which Sis Mhavic and Brod Jomer Dela Cruz were the one who actively participated & responded the calls and emails from various brothers.

The Time had Come to Harvest the Fruits of our Labors, various brods responded, Brod Cosry Amer, Brod Jhon Orong, Brod Mark Cortez, Brod Joseph ”Jophil” Joaquin, Brod Randy Rosaot & Brod Edmund Zenarosa led the group & served as the main focal point. All the brods had exerted their efforts responding vouched brothers from "srbmiddleast egroup” which during that time we had utilized its resources as one way & means of our communication aside from emails, mobile & telephone.

The Historic Day, On September 22, 2008 during the SRB 33rd Anniversary, the commemoration had marked as the most memorable occasion ever happened to us - SRB’s from different location of Eastern Province in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had participated. We felt the awesome mixed emotions from the faces of all the brods who attended - joy & laughter & strong desire were worth-remembering moment around the corner in our simple celebration. Respectively, we were able to gather a total of eighteen(18) brods-attendees that made our celebration a very unforgettable one. Although there are numerous brods at the Kingdom who made their greetings through phone & internet but unfortunately unable to be present during that historic occasion. We made our 1st ever SRB KSA-AA formal Meeting at Pattaya Restaurant in Al-Khobar City and had discussed every details, unsolicited inputs, collecting of personal information & all related matters concerning the entire plan for the SRB KSA-AA & Upcoming General Assembly which on that same day, we were able to set the Final date on 2nd Day of October 2008. After the meeting, we continued the celebration at Brod Mark Cortez’s Residence who offered us with an exceedingly warmth welcome for the Party. Although the celebration was just simple, but what had transpired, within our heart & souls that very moment were so meaningful & precious to all of us.

On September 24 8:00AM, the 1st egroup bringing the name of SRB KSA-AA were officially created with the keenness initiative of Brod Dave Jumaquio of Alpha Delta & Brod Jabbar Amer of Kappa Phi who vigorously inviting brods in joining the egroup. Spontaneous responds of numerous brods who attended on our 1st ever anniversary celebration had congregated & were flocked with several reminiscing moments in the events of time, plentiful discussions, excitement on the upcoming big event ‘The General Assembly’, synchronizing ideas and ways to enhance SRB KSA-AA from present to future where independent site at the web were also initially proposed by Brod Jabbar & Brod Dave.

The Moment of Truth, On 2nd day of October 2008 our General Assembly marked our historic Foundation Day which were hold at Sihat Resort - Qatif, Eastern Region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the help & join efforts of our energetic Brods who arranged the venue, food, sound system (Video-K) & etc. Spearheaded by brods Randy Rosaot, Jabbar Amer, Jhon Orong who made the Posters & also conceptualized the Frat-Shirt, Mark Cortez, Cosry Amer, Dave Jumaquio, Jherton Torres, Joseph Lagasca & Efren San Antonio Jr in (Khobar & Dammam location). And in Jubail areas, food preparation were also arranged by brods Joseph ”Jophil” Joaquin, Robert "RG” Gil, Jimly Vargas & Adrian De Guzman while Brod Edmund Zenarosa arranged the necessary paper works, program, agenda & etc for the entire event. The Unsolicited Efforts, which eagerly contributed by all the brods who showed their immense commitments, desire & great willingness to SRB KSA-AA in the making, made the event possible and exceptionally a successful one. The enthusiasm of all the brothers who imparted their long sleepless night, sacrificing their time during the preparation and on the actual event had showed their enormous & continuing commitments in expanding SRB organization Globally/Internationally in line by the Cardinal Principles of SRB Leadership, Friendship & Service. Wherein a new home for SRB were born in the midst well-known Dessert Geographic location of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Finale, we had able to officially conducted our election & correspondingly made right after the Induction of the Pioneer Officers & Members. Brod Jherton Torres of Alpha Delta, leaded the Reading of SRB Loyalty Pledge & followed by a very memorable Foundation Party that we shared, the joy & laughter during our most special moments. The significant historic foundation of SRB KSA-AA is officially born in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on 2nd day of October 2008 at Sihat Resort, Qatif, Eastern Province. Once again, WE SRB KSA-AA Pioneer Officers & Founding Members had able to proved to ourselves our strong commitments & dedication to SRB International Service Fraternity & Sorority. We had surpassed those difficult times in achieving our ultimate goals in organizing the Pioneer SRB Alumni Association in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after over an ERA in the making. In view thereof, By the power bestowed in me I, Edmundo P. Zenarosa the Pioneer SRB KSA-AA President, through its fresh mandate in the name & virtue of SRB KSA-AA.

I therefore, proclaim the Pioneer Elected Officers and founding Members as part of the history in the making are as follows:-


Edmundo P. Zenarosa President Zeta Epsilon, Batch 86-B

Cosry U. Amer VP Internal Kappa Phi, Batch 90-A

Arnel "Jhon” D. Orong VP External Gamma Iota, Batch 88

Jabbar U. Amer Secretary Kappa Phi, Batch 93-E

Joseph "Jophil" Joaquin Treasurer Delta, Batch 91

Randy A. Rosaot PRO Eta Chi, Batch 90

William Limson Jr. D.A . Beta Tau Batch 98


Mark Cortez Alpha Upsilon, 1993

Jherton Torres Alpha Delta, 1988

Joseph Lagasca Beta Sigma, 1997-A1

Dave Jumaquio Alpha Delta, 1996

Adrian S. De Guzman Iota Chi, 1997

Roberto "RG" Gil Beta Tau, 1992

Muamar Amer Kappa Upsilon, 2002-B

Efren L. San Antonio Jr. Beta-Beta, 1995-B

Jimly Vargas Zeta Chi, 1997

Franz Campaner Kappa Sigma, 1989

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