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English: SSSR-V6 OSOAVIAKhIM was a semi-rigid airship constructed as part of the Soviet airship program, and designed by the Italian engineer and airship designer Umberto Nobile. The airship was named after the Soviet organisation OSOAVIAKhIM. V6 was one of the largest airships built in the Soviet Union and one of the most successful. In October 1937 it set a new world record for airship endurance of 130 hours 27 minutes, beating the previous record by the German airship Graf Zeppelin
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67° 02′ 52,8″ N, 31° 56′ 13,2″ E
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URSS W6 OSOAVIAKHIM (it); SSSR-V6 オソアヴィアヒム (ja); URSS W6 OSOAVIAKHIM (fr); SSSR-V6 OSOAVIAKhIM (nl); СССР-В6 «Осоавиахим» (ru); UdSSR-W6 Ossoawiachim (de); SSSR-V6 OSOAVIAKhIM (en); SSSR V-6 Osoaviachim (cs); TSRS-V6 Osoaviachim (lt) Soviet airship (en); dirigibile (it); Sowjetisches Luftschiff (de); sovětská vzducholoď (cs)

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