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The SVG attribute stroke-dasharray can be used to draw dotted lines, but as well for much more.

The example 5lines pg a.svg shows that it can fill an area.

Dice-5sqa.svg Dice-5.svg Dice-5sqb.svg

An interesting possibility is the dash of length zero; see more at Dasharray.
When stroke-linecap is defined e.g. as round, the renderer generates objects in the distance of the gaps and in the size of the stroke-width, as shown in the three examples.

This logic allows to draw graphics like all the Braille letters or dice very easy.

Note: The renderer sometimes has difficulties when the path ends exactly at the position of a zero-length dash;
therefore it is advised to make the path a bit longer.
The example SVGpathM03.svg explains it and shows different views depending on rendering size.

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