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Different techniques in coding SVG are very helpful for keeping code straight and simple.
Often the use of two or more of these techniques helps for good results.

For the simplification technique clipping, see the explanations in SVG simplified Coats of Arms
00 and some examples in Created with Inkscape-hand-replaced-CoA (e.g. 0167 Othon, C. de Bentheim-Bentheim.svg, Wappen Filderstadt.svg, Wappen Plochingen.svg).
As mentioned there, clipping does not need the xmlns:xlink namespace definition.

The definition of a fill pattern can be a useful alternative to the definition of a clipping area, (e.g. Banska Bystrica Erb.svg, Ataíde coat.svg).

See template {{SimplSVG}} parameter #5 to #9 for categorizing:

SVG simplification by


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