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Boeing 737-33A
cn/serial number: 25011/2012
*VASP 1991-1992 as PP-SOF
*EuroBelgian Airlines 1992-1993 as OO-LTO
*Maersk Air 1993 as OO-LTO, operated by EuroBelgian Airlines
*EBA France 1993 as OO-LTO, operated by EuroBelgian Airlines
*Oman Aviation 1993-1995 as VH-OAN
*EuroBelgian Airlines 1995 as OO-LTO
*Star Europe 1995-1996 as F-GRSA
*Air Provence Charter 1996-1997 as F-GRSA
*Cronus Airlines 1997-2001 as SX-BBT
*Aegean Cronus Airlines 2001-2003 as SX-BBT
*Aegean Airlines 2003-2005 as SX-BBT
*Astraeus 2005 as G-STRI
*Flybe 2005-2006 as G-STRI
*FlyMe 2006-2007 as G-STRI
*Astraeus 2007-2008 as G-STRI
*Seagle Air 2008-2009 as OM-HLB
*Astraeus 2009-2010 as G-STRI
*Trawelfly 2010-2011 as G-STRI
*Iceland Express 2011-2012 as G-STRI
*Eastern SkyJets 2012-2014 as A6-ESS

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