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Object type painting
Joséphine kneels before Napoléon during his coronation at Notre Dame. Behind him sits pope Pius VII.
Date between 1808 and 1822
Medium oil on canvas
Dimensions Height: 610 cm (20 ft); Width: 931 cm (10.1 yd)
dimensions QS:P2048,610U174728;P2049,931U174728
1st floor - grand appartement de la reine : Coronation Room
Object history

: commissioned by Napoleon I, Paris (It remained the property of the artist)

place of creation: Paris and Brussels
Inscriptions Location, date and signature bottom left: COMMENCE A PARIS EN 1808.TERMINE A BRUXELLES EN 1822 DANS MON EXIL.L.DAVID [Started in Paris in 1808. Finished in Brussels in 1822 during my exile. Louis David]
Notes Depicted place: Notre Dame de Paris (48°51′12″N 2°20′57″E / 48.853222°N 2.349028°E / 48.853222; 2.349028 ({{{name}}}))
References Joconde database: entry 000PE000839

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