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San Roque Parish Church of Pateros (Diocesan Shrine of Santa Marta) Pateros, Metro Manila[1] belongs to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pasig [2] B. Morcilla St. Poblacion, Pateros, Metro Manila[3] Date of Erection: 1815 Date of Shrinehood: February 7, 2009 Vicariate: Vicariate of Saint Anne Titular: St. Martha and St. Roch Feast: July 29 (St. Martha), August 16 (St. Roch) 2010 – present Fr. Roy M. Rosales, STL[4] [5] Sta. Martha of Pateros to mark feast day July 29; play on ‘Francisca de Manila’ Sunday, July 17th, 2011 Sta. Martha, special patroness of Pateros, is enshrined inside a “virina” on the altar of San Roque Church, her feast is July 28. Pateros, Metro Manila[6] The Municipality of Pateros (Filipino: Bayan ng Pateros) is a first-class municipality in Metro Manila, [7] Philippines. This small town is famous for its duck-raising industry and especially for producing balut, [8] a Filipino delicacy that is boiled duck egg; also known for its red salty eggs and "inutak", a local rice; manufacturing of "alfombra", a locally-made footwear with a carpet-like fabric on its top surface. -- [Pateros | Journeying the Balut Capital] Bagong Calzada Street - "Dulong Bayan Monument" - Pateros' heroism during the Philippine Revolution of 1896 - Pateros Park-Plaza de Borja.

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