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English: Sanakht (also read as Hor-Sanakht; sometimes connected to or identified with Nebka) was probably either the first or second pharaoh of the Third dynasty of Ancient Egypt. While Sanakht's existence is attested by a mastaba and a graffito, among other objects, his position as the founder of the Third dynasty, as recorded by Manetho and the Turin Canon, has been seriously undermined by recent archaeological discoveries at Abydos.

These discoveries establish that it was likely Djoser who helped bury Khasekhemwy, rather than Sanakht. It appears instead, that Sanakht was a later king of the third dynasty. Unlike Djoser, few relics survive from Sanakht's reign, which also casts serious doubts on the traditional figure of an eighteen year reign for this king, as given by both Manetho and the Turin Canon.

Sanakht's wife was Initkawes, a sister of Djoser.
<nowiki>Sanajt; Szanaht; Sanakht; Sanakht; Sanacht; Sanakht; ساناخت; 内布卡一世; Sanakht; サナクト; ساناخت; Небка; 內布卡一世; 内布卡一世; 사나크테; Sanaĥt; Sanacht; சனகெத்; Sanakht; সানাখৎ; Sanakht; Sanakt; Sanakht; Sanakhte; 內布卡一世; Nequerofrés; Sanakhte; Санакт; Sanahte; Sanakht; Nequerofrés; 内布卡一世; ฟาโรห์ซานาคท์; Sanacht; Санахт; 內布卡一世; Sanakhte; Sanacht; Санахт; Sanakht; Sanakht; سانخت; 内布卡一世; სანახტი; faraone egizio; エジプト第3王朝の初代のファラオ; egyiptomi fáraó; pharaon égyptien; staatsman; фараон Древнего Египта; primer faraón de la tercera dinastía; altägyptischer König der 3. Dynastie; faraó da III dinastia egípcia; Egyptian pharaoh; فرعون مصري من الأسرة الثالثة; egyptský faraon 3. dynastie; பழைய எகிப்திய இராச்சியத்தை ஆண்ட மூன்றாம் வம்சத்தின் மூன்றாம் பாரோவான்; Sanakht; Nebka; Sanakhte; Horus Nebka; Senakht; Sanakhte; Sanaht; Nebka; Horus Senaksht; Senaksht; Mecrochris; Sanaquete; Nebecá; Hórus Sanaquete; Hórus Nequerofrés; 네브카; Небка; Sanakhte; 萨纳克特; 萨纳赫特; 涅布卡; 纳特里克特·吉塞; 萨那赫特; 尼布卡一世; Sanakht</nowiki>
Egyptian pharaoh
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Horus name
Date of birth27th century BC (statement with Gregorian date earlier than 1584)
Date of death2715 BC (statement with Gregorian date earlier than 1584)
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