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Notice This category is for images of emblems of Scout and Guide organizations which are in the public domain due to one of several conditions, including but not limited to:
  1. Defunct, superseded and/or dormant organizations inactive at least 20 years, including countries where Scouting does not presently exist-as of August 2010, that includes Burma, Laos, Cuba, North Korea and Andorra
  2. European Union countries with a copyright term of 70 years after the work was made available to the public and the author never disclosed his identity-this refers to specific iterations. Scout and Guide emblems which are the original designs of w:Lord Baden-Powell are (at least) protected until January 1, 2012; designs by w:Lady Baden-Powell are protected until January 1, 2048
  3. All Ukrainian emblems-according to the Article 10(d) of the Law of Ukraine on Copyright and Related rights, the public domain within Ukraine-"... symbols and signs of enterprises, institutions and organizations"
  4. Local and temporary event insignia-due to their transitive use, and as ephemeral works, it is extremely rare that such designs are registered for copyright, thus are considered to be public domain outside the community of creation
  5. Emblems only consisting of simple geometric shapes and/or text, as they do not meet the threshold of originality needed for copyright protection


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