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English: Scribe is an ancient profession, a person who could read and write. This usually indicated secretarial and administrative duties such as dictation and keeping business, judicial, and history records for rulers such as kings, nobility, temples, and cities. (Minoan Crete is a premier example of this non-literary job of the scribe). In antiquity, (anthropology), the job of scribe, or with variants as in Ancient Egyptian society, like Royal Scribe, was sometimes just a profession, as a stepping stone, or training, to an individual's later major, resultant occupation. More...
Deutsch: Ein Schreiber ist eine Person, die lesen und schreiben kann und dies auch beruflich ausübt. Sie kann dabei von anderen Personen beauftragt werden, die selber nicht schreiben können oder das nicht selbst tun wollen. Mehr...
Français : Les scribes de l'Égypte antique étaient chargés de répertorier, classer, recopier en utilisant l'hiératique, écriture cursive permettant d'écrire rapidement à l'aide d'un calame sur du papyrus ou des ostraca. Plus...
Italiano: La professione dello scriba è un'antica, colui che la praticava era un esperto traduttore o scrittore, che si occupava di copiare o compilare tomi o manuali o importanti libri con una perfetta calligrafia


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