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Deutsch: Darstellungen von Skriptorien und architektonische Befunde, vorwiegend mittelalterlich
English: Scriptorium, literally "a place for writing", is commonly used to refer to a room in medieval European monasteries devoted to the copying of manuscripts by monastic scribes. Written accounts, surviving buildings, and archaeological excavations all show, however, that contrary to popular belief such rooms rarely existed: most monastic writing was done in cubicle-like recesses in the cloister, or in the monks' own cells. References in modern scholarly writings to 'scriptoria' more usually refer to the collective written output of a monastery, rather than to a physical room.
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Scriptorium (es); Scriptorium (hu); scriptorium (ca); Skriptorium (de); Скрыпторый (be); کتابت‌خانه (fa); Skriptoarium (fy); სკრიპტორიუმი (ka); 写字室 (ja); Scriptorium (sv); סקריפטוריום (he); Scriptorium (la); 撰經閣 (zh-hant); 撰经阁 (zh-cn); skribejo (eo); Skriptorium (cs); Scriptorium (it); scriptorium (fr); scriptorium (pt); โรงเขียนหนังสือ (th); Skriptorium (da); Скрипторијум (sr); Skriptorij (sl); Sgriptoriwm (cy); Скрипторий (ru); Scriptorium (tr); Skriptorium (id); Scriptorium (pl); scriptorium (nb); scriptorium (nl); Skriptorij (sh); Skriptórium (sk); Скрипторій (uk); Skriptoriumas (lt); scriptorium (en); منسخ (ar); 撰经阁 (zh-hans); Scriptorie (ro) place for writing (en); Schreibstuben, in denen Texte handschriftlich dupliziert werden (de); place for writing (en); loko kie oni skribas (eo); skrivestue (da) Centro scrittorio (it); Scriptoria (fr); Scriptorium (lt); Skriptoria (id); Skryptorium (pl); סקריפטיום (he); Scriptoria (es); کتابتخانه, کتابت خانه (fa); Scriptorium (cy); Skriptographeum, Scriptorium, Skriptorie (de); Scriptoria (pt); Scriptoria, โรงคัดหนังสือ, Scriptorium (th); scriptorium (eo); Skriptorium (sv); sted for skrivning (da)


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