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English: Seal brown (or brown, horses have a body that is mostly black or a very dark brown; a black mane, tail and legs. Lighter brown coloured hair around the muzzle and the eyes identify most of these horses apart from black horses. Many also have brown in their groin, some also in the upper inner parts of their legs, and/or in the back of their thighs. The main breed societies of the major anglophone horse breeding countries recognize this colour in their standards and consider it apart from bays. Brown is caused by the At allele of the Agouti gene, or "bay gene", of the horse, and thus genetically differs from both bays and blacks.

Seal brown horses are not identified as such by the major jockey clubs, show societies and stud books etc. of the world. They are registered as brown horses.

English: If you do not know what specific colour the horse is, please don't categorise it here. The right category to put horses of unidentified colour is Category:Horse coat colors. This category is solely meant for horses that are mostly black with a little brown in the head or in the body. The colour is called brown or seal brown in English.
Suomi: Mikäli et tiedä hevosen värin varsinaista nimeä, luokittele kuvasi luokkaan Category:Horse coat colors. Tämä luokka on varattu mustanruunikoille hevosille. Värin yleisin nimitys englanniksi on brown tai seal brown.
日本語: 青鹿毛の馬。Category:Horse coat colorsも参照のこと。黒鹿毛Category:Dark bay horses青毛Category:Black horsesに分類すること。
Svenska: Om du vet inte det riktigt värg som hästen i bildet har, var so god och kategorisera bildet i Category:Horse coat colors. Den här kategori är ensam för svartbrun hästar. På engelska värget oftaste kallas brown eller seal brown.
hair coat color of horses
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分類 (馬の毛色)
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棕色 (zh-hk); noir pangaré (fr); Кара-туры (tt); 棕色 (zh-hant); 青鹿毛 (ja); Mustanruunikko (fi); seal brown (en); 棕色 (zh-hans); 棕色 (zh); pelatge bru (ca) hair coat color of horses (en); hair coat color of horses (en); couleur de robe du cheval (fr) Brown (en); Bai-brun (fr)


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