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English: Seti II was the fifth ruler of the Nineteenth dynasty of Egypt and reigned from 1203 BC - 1197 BC. His throne name, Userkheperure Setepenre, meant "Powerful are the Manifestations of Re, Chosen by Re.' He sat on the throne during a period known for dynastic intrigue and short reigns, and his rule was no different. Seti II had to deal with many serious plots, most significantly being the accession of a rival king named Amenmesse, who seized control over Thebes and Nubia during his second to fourth regnal years. More...
Français : Séthi II est le fils aîné de Mérenptah, Séthi-Mérenptah, succéda à son père. Ses six ans de règne (-1201 à -1196) furent très troublés car un an après son couronnement, un usurpateur, Amenmes, prit le pouvoir pendant un épisode de quatre ans (-1200 à -1197) assez mystérieux. Pour en savoir plus...


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