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English: The Shanghai International Settlement had its beginnings in 1854 when a united municipal council was created to serve the British, French and American foreign concessions in Shanghai, China. In 1862, the French concession dropped out of the arrangement and the following year the British and American concessions formally united to become the Shanghai International Settlement. As more foreign powers entered into treaty relations with China, their nationals also became part of the administration of the settlement, but it always remained a predominantly British affair at least until the late 1930s when Japan's involvement became of increasing importance. Unlike the colonies of Hong Kong and Weiheiwei which were sovereign British territories, the Shanghai International Settlement always remained Chinese sovereign territory. Hence when the British declared war against Germany in 1939, German nationals continued to operate freely within the territory of the international settlement.
中文: 上海公共租界英语Shanghai International Settlement,日语:上海共同租界)是近代中国出现的第一个租界,同时也是近代中国两个公共租界之一(另一个是鼓浪屿公共租界)、以及上海的两个租界之一(另一个是上海法租界)。上海公共租界在中国租界史上是开辟最早,存在时间最长,面积最大,管理机构最庞大,发展最为充分的一个租界。


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