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<nowiki>ཧྲའོ་ལིན་དགོན་པ།; 少林寺; Shaolin; Shaolinski hram; Shaolin; Шаолинь; 少林寺; Shaolin; 소림사; Шаалінь; معبد شائولین; Шаолин; Shaolin Kloster; Şaolin rahipleri; 嵩山少林寺; ਸ਼ਾਓਲਿਨ ਮੰਦਰ; ရှောင်လင်ကျောင်းတော်; Shaolin; 少林寺; מנזר שאולין; Шаолинь; 少林寺; 少林寺; ᱥᱟᱳᱞᱤᱱ ᱢᱩᱱᱫᱽᱨᱤ; Shaolin Ibodatxonasi; शाओलिन मन्दिर; Ŝaolina templo; Klášter Šaolin; ஷஒலின் மடாலயம்; Shàolín-sì; Chùa Thiếu Lâm; monastère Shaolin; 少林寺; Šaolinski hram; Շաոլին; Klasztor Szaolin; Vihara Shaolin; 少林寺; Шаолінь; Templul Shaolin; Shaolin; monestir Shaolin; Šaolino vienuolynas; Shaolin; Манастир Шаолин; Şaolin; Shaolin; 少林寺; 少林寺; วัดเส้าหลิน; Siàu-lîm-sī; Shaolintempelet; Shaolinklooster; شاؤلین مندر; شاؤلین ٹیمپل; شائولین معبدی; Shaolin templum; Shaolin Monastery; معبد شاولين; Σαολίν; Маъбади Шоулин; tempio buddista nella regione dell'Henan; temple bouddhiste chinois; wihara di Tiongkok; מנזר בסין שהוא גם בית ספר לאמנות לחימה; klooster in Volksrepubliek China; Буддийский монастырь, расположенный на горе Суньшань в Китае; buddhistischer Mönchsorden; antiguo templo y doctrina de arte marcial budista de la China contemporánea; Chan Buddhist temple in Dengfeng county; دير في دنغفنغ، الصين; 中國佛教名寺,位於河南省登封市嵩山; Chan buddhistisk tempel; Tempio di Shaolin; Tempio di Shàolín; Tempio Shaolin; Shaolin-si; Shaolinsi; Shàolín; Temple Shaolin; Šaolinski samostan; Shaolin; Templu Shaolin; Monesteriu Shaolin; Шао-Линь; ཧྲའོ་ལིན་དགོན་པའི་; ཧྲོའོ་ལིན་དགོན་པ།; Shaolin-Kloster; Shaolin si; Shaolinmönch; Shaolin-Tempel; Shao Lin; Mosteiro Shaolin; Templo Shaolin; Temple shaolin; شائولین; 初祖庵及少林寺塔林; 少林; 嵩山少林寺; 北少林; Shaolin Temple; Shaolin rahipleri; Шао Лин; Biara Shaolin; Shaolinski samostan; Samostan Shaolin; Shaolinski manastir; Hram u Shaolinu; Manastir u Šaolinu; Šaolinski hram; Samostan u Shaolinu; Manastir Šaolin; Šaolinski manastir; Shaolintemplet; Shaolin-templet; Shaolins fem djur; Szaolin; Klasztor Shaolin; Shaolin-tempelet; Shaolin; Shaolintemplet; Shaolinklosteret; Shaolintempel; Sjaolin; Shaolin; Shaolin tempel; Templo de Shaolin; Templo Shaolín; Templo Shaolin; Monasterio de Shaolin; Shaolín; शाओलिन मठ; शाओलिन मंदिर; เส้าหลิน; Shaolin Monastery; เสี้ยวลิ้มยี่; Shoalin Temple; 샤오린 사; Shaolin Temple; معبدشاولين; Šao-lin; Shaolin; Šaolin; Thiếu Lâm Tự; Thiếu Lâm Tung Sơn</nowiki>
Shaolin Monastery 
Chan Buddhist temple in Dengfeng county
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  • Historic Monuments of Dengfeng in “The Centre of Heaven and Earth”
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LocationMount Song, Henan, PRC
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  • National Key Buddhist Temples in Han Chinese Area (1983–)
  • part of UNESCO World Heritage Site (Architectural Complex of Shaolin Temple: Kernel Compound, Chuzu Temple, Pagoda Forest, Historic Monuments of Dengfeng in “The Centre of Heaven and Earth”, 2014–)
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34° 30′ 27″ N, 112° 56′ 07″ E
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This is a category about a (or part of a) Major National Historical and Cultural Site in China identified by the ID
English: Also called in English the Shaolin Temple. The name has multiple meanings. The original, centuries-old walled enclosure tenanted by Chan monks practicing their own art of self-defense, Kung Foo, died in 1928 after an attack by a renegade Nationalist warlord, who was subsequently assassinated by a relative for his plans to defect to the Japanese. Their dance and acrobatic routines were apparently no defense against bullets and high explosives. The monks died and the monastery was burned to the ground. It remained a cemetary for decades until the death of Mao, when the communist party rebuilt it. The original plan was lost except for various historical versions, so the resulting new buildings are only verisimilar to the destroyed monastery. The reproduction, proving inadequate to the CP's development plans, was left as a tourist site while the living schools were developed to the north in modern quarters. The name extended to the whole area, which became Shaolin Scenic Spot, a part of Songshan Scenic Area.
日本語: 嵩山少林寺

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