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English: The cliff-forming Shinumo Quartzite, of the en:Unkar Group. It is found in center (east) Grand Canyon associated with Granite Gorge.
Members of 6-unit Unkar Group:
6--en:Cardenas Lava-(cliff-former, "mountain islands", Tapeats Sea)
5--Dox Formation-slopes
4--Shinumo Quartzite-(cliff-former, "mountain islands", Tapeats Sea)
3--Diabase Sill
2--Hakatai Shale-slopes
1--Bass Limestone-slopes
Multi-colored slopes are created below its cliffs, for example at Isis Temple (Bright Angel Canyon region), and also contain debris from the Shinumo cliffs, or other geologic units above. At en:Isis Temple, southwest Bright Angel Canyon, south Phantom Creek, Isis Temple, Cheops Pyramid, and a 3rd block, are an uplifted, faulted, block all sitting on high cliffs, of highly erosion-resistant Shinumo Quartzite. The bright, multi-colored slopes below dramatically stand out against other slopes, the surrounding, regional, Muav Limestone & Bright Angel Shale slopes-(which are dull greenish). The mulit-colored slopes are then sitting upon the Vishnu Group members, at the top of Granite Gorge.

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