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Sky Map 7 is a set of 26 sky maps arranged by RA and Dec, with a magnitude limit of 7.0

Every maps are drawn to be printed in A3 format paper. They have 2 sides:

  • a front side with the main map, complete with legend and bibliography;
  • a back side with a list of deep sky objects that are shown in the map, a close-up map of a small area of particular interest, and a cover.

The last 4 papers have a list of Double and Variable star plotted in all the maps, a map of the OB associations and a map of the Milky Way galaxy.

Magnitude limits:

  • magnitude limit for the stars: 7.0
  • magnitude limit for open clusters: 8.0
  • magnitude limit for globular clusters: ~9.0
  • magnitude limit for planetary nebulae: 11.0
  • magnitude limit for bright nebulae: ~9.0
  • magnitude limit for galaxies: 11.0.

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