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  • In Poland, bonfires are traditionally and still enthusiastic burned during Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, Pentecost day and Saint John Night as Sobótki in Śląsk, Małopolska and Podkarpackie. On the 23 and 24th of June, according to ancient custom, an immense number of Polish persons of both sexes repaired to the banks of the San (river), Vistula and Odra river, to consult Fate respecting their future fortunes, jumping through a fire on the Eve of Saint John's was a sure way to health. The leaping of the youths over fire (sobótka) must be a custom derived from remote antiquity. Jan Kochanowski, who died in 1584, mentions it in a song from an ancient tradition.
  • Sobotka-Feier, Sprung über das Feuer. Brauchtum zu Pfingsten bzw. am 24. Juni (Tag des Heiligen Johannes d. Täufers)


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