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Societa Industrie Elettroniche (SIEL) was an Italian company that made electronic organs and synthesizers in the 1980s.

Known OEMs[edit]

  • 1979: Orchestra — Divide down oscillator network for full poly. Brass/string/key/organ. ARP relabelled it the "Quartet" in the US as they were folding.
  • 1982: OR400 / Orchestra 2 — Improvement of Orchestra above. More parameter sliders. This was also marketed by Sequential Circuits as the "Prelude".
  • 1985: EX80 — DK80 module. splittable/layerable dual 6 voices synth (total 12 voices) with one M112B1 tone and one SSM2045 VCF per half. This was also marketed by Suzuki as "SX-500". [1]


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