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<nowiki>trinquete; 扑柄; clé à cliquet; Padrunvõti; 소켓 렌치; آچار بکس; Kliko; торцевой ключ; socket wrench; Knarre; bussola; ىلىكتى مەحانىيزم; muciņatslēga; 套筒扳手; rørnøgle; Ratsch; ソケットレンチ; Klucz nasadowy; hylsnyckel; Ілікті механизм; pipenøkkel; pipenøkkel; dopsleutel; Храповий механізм; Kliko; Clau de got; Hylsyavain; Ілікті механизм; مفتاح الشقاطة; nástrčkový klíč; İlikti mexanïzm; utensile; clé de serrage à douille; Type nøkkelverktøy hvor verktøyhodet omslutter skruehodet; Type nøkkelverktøy, ofte sekskantet, hvor verktøyhodet omslutter skruehodet; eina per a collar i descollar cargols i femelles; Schraubwerkzeug; Type of wrench, often hexagonal, where the toolhead encloses the screw head of the bolt or nut; وسيلة تثبيت; herramienta con un diámetro fijo no regulable; храповик; трещотка; ключ-трещотка; трещоточный ключ; clé à douille; clé à rochet; cliquet; 래칫 핸들; 래칫핸들; 소켓렌치; spärrskaft; Sada nástrčných klíčů; Gola sada; Gólovky; Nástrčný klíč; Gólovka; Заскочний механізм; llave tubo</nowiki>
socket wrench 
Type of wrench, often hexagonal, where the toolhead encloses the screw head of the bolt or nut
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English: A Socket wrench is a wrench with interchangeable heads called sockets that attach to a fitting on the wrench, allowing it to turn different sized bolts and other fasteners. The most common form is a hand tool popularly called a ratchet consisting of a handle with a ratcheting mechanism built in, so it can be turned using a back-and-forth motion in cramped spaces. A socket has a cup-shaped fitting with a recess that grips the head of a bolt. The socket snaps onto a male fitting on the handle. The handle supplies the mechanical advantage to provide the torque to turn the socket. The wrench usually comes in a socket set with many sockets to fit the heads of different-sized bolts and other fasteners. The advantage of a socket wrench is that, instead of a separate wrench for each of the many different bolt heads used in modern machinery, only a separate socket is needed, saving space.


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