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Habana/Cuba related sockpuppeteer. Possible sockmaster is User:DanishWolf (oldest known account), the first checkuser result was however Sabadelli (talk · contribs).

  • Checkuser left a note at File:Commuter rail, Havana.jpg and in the CU log.
  • The inclusion of an massive amount of stolen photos by this sockpuppets started at mid-june 2011. Its possible that the reactivation of Sabadelli (talk · contribs) and DanishWolf (talk · contribs) was triggered by the purge of Yazle's uploads, Yazles copyvios also damaged a whole lot of en.wp articles and maybe Sabadelli tried to "repeair" this.... doing this with stolen photos is a bad idea however. Yazle is not related to Sabadelli/DanishWolf.
  • Maybe there are more socks in the past, new search methodes and technical advancement of search engines will bring this bad uploads to the surface.