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English: Space Shuttle Orbital Maneuvering System, or OMS (pronounced /omz/), is a system of rocket engines designed and manufactured by Aerojet for use on the Space Shuttle Orbiter for orbital injection and modifying its orbit. It consists of two "packs" at the back of the Shuttle, the large lumps on either side of the vertical stabilizer. Each pack contains a single hypergolic OME engine (AJ10-190)., based on the Service Propulsion System on the Apollo Service Module, with a thrust of 6,000 lbf (27 kN) and a Specific impulse of 313 seconds, which could be reused for 100 missions and is capable of 1,000 starts and 15 hours of firing. The OMS pods also contain the rear set of reaction control system (RCS) engines as well, which are referred to as the OMS/RCS. The fuel used was monomethylhydrazine (MMH), which was oxidized with nitrogen tetroxide (N2O4). The Shuttle had enough fuel for about 1000 ft/s (approx. 300 m/s) of delta-V using the OMS.
Orbital Maneuvering System; スペースシャトル軌道制御システム; Space Shuttle Orbital Maneuvering System; System manewrowania orbitalnego; מערכת בקרת תגובה; Sistema de maniobra orbital; Система орбитального маневрирования; Σύστημα τροχιακών ελιγμών του Διαστημικού Λεωφορείου; Orbital Maneuvering System; 궤도 기동 시스템; Space Shuttle Orbital Maneuvering System; مكوك الفضاء نظام المناورة المداري; 航天飛機軌道機動系統; سیستم مانور مداری شاتل فضایی; 航天飛機軌道機動系統; hypergolic orbital maneuvering engines used on NASA's Space Shuttle; hypergolic orbital maneuvering engines used on NASA's Space Shuttle; OMS; OMS/RCS
System manewrowania orbitalnego 
hypergolic orbital maneuvering engines used on NASA's Space Shuttle
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